A downloadable Trash for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to my first RPG game. There is still a lot to be done, but I had not enough time to do everything as intended (the game was created for the "Wowie! Jam 2.0").

What's in the "Tech demo"?
- A fight against a slime with my own combat system (inspired by Untertale)
- Bad graphics
- Bad humor
- Bad story
- Bad English!

It's a trash game right now, but at least a little preview for something big ... :)

Don't expect too much. It was supposed to be a comedy RPG... didn't work that way.

Well... if you play this trash-game: Have Fun!

'Arrow-Keys': Movement
'Enter' & 'Space': Interact, confirm
'ESC' / 'Escape': Menu, cancel
'X': Delete, cancel
'Shift': Run / dash

Mouse support (In combat, you can't move with mouse-clicks)!

- The game crashed... the demon chicken killed it.
Just restart the game.


Windows (download)
MAC (download)
Linux (download)

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