Last Beta-Version (Beta 3.0)

BETA v3.0:

+ Own titlescreen

+ Very hot Laser puzzles (laser with on/off switch) / "normal" lasers (automatically on/off)

+ NoGravityRoom (free movement)

+ Points system (stars)

+ "Fail display"

+ New Level with Lasers & NoGravityRooms

+ Bugfix-Event, if the player jump somewhere in and is stuck.

+ New Animations (NoGravityRoom, Stars / Points,... )

+ New graphics

+ New unknown bugs

~ Many improvements


*Last "BETA-Version"

- Template level was forgotten (not available)


Level-Selector: Coming soon (next Update)
Fixed "Killer-Blocks": Coming soon (next Update)

Release - GameTemplate: Coming soon...
Release - Tutorial & Trailer: Coming soon...
Release - Full Version: Coming soon...


BlockJump (BETA 3).zip Play in browser
Oct 15, 2017

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